32nd International IBBY Congress - 32º Congreso Internacional de IBBY

The strenght of minorities - A forza das minorías - La fuerza de las minorías

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As the name suggests, the units will have a thoroughly practical and vocational content, aimed at a specific group with a set number of places. These are the workshops that will be organized:

Philippe Claudet (Les Doigts Qui Rêvent, France): Tactile Illustrated Books – Theory and Practice. The participants will learn how to recognize an efficient tactile illustrated book for blind children, and they will have the possibility to design a tactile illustrated book by themselves. 

Eva Mejuto (OQO Editora, Spain): The Function of the Images in Children’s Literature. The central topic of this workshop will be the analysis of the images as specific elements of communication and their function in the illustrated album.

Elizabeth Poe (United States of America): Developing Literary Understanding across International Lines: A Reader’s Theatre Performance in Five Acts. Participants: David Almond (United States of America), Marcos S. Calveiro (Galicia, Spain), Ana María Machado (Brazil), María Reimóndez (Galicia, Spain). In this workshop, the four participants will explore, through the enactment of texts, new and alternative approaches to literature.

Cecilia Silva Díaz (Spain), Brenda Bellorín (Spain), Evelyn Arizpe (United Kingdom):  Visual Journeys with Migrant Readers. In this workshop, the participants will debate on the possibilities of using picture books for the integration of immigrant children.