32nd International IBBY Congress - 32º Congreso Internacional de IBBY

The strenght of minorities - A forza das minorías - La fuerza de las minorías

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Children’s and young people’s literature: a minority area within the literature arena

Despite the high quality and notable presence of children’s book editions and the general growth of literature, they still hold a minority status in the eyes of editors, writers and the media, generally. Why are we writing or illustrating for children in these conditions?

Children’s and young people’s literature in minority languages: from difference to survival

Literature written in minority languages invariably face a wide set of challenges. Its survival is dependent on factors such as socio-political context, the extent of the official status bestowed on them and the general public response to cultural and linguistic diversity. Children’s books can contribute towards the standardization of the edition in minority languages. However, publishers targeting a reduced market undoubtedly encounter many difficulties.

Readers in a minority situation

Children and young people with disabilities or special needs usually encounter many obstacles with regards to access to books or the pleasure of reading. We must find solutions to help combat these difficulties.

A readership bereft of childhood

Books and reading matter are generally considered staples for intellectual and cultural development and the growth of the youngest members of society. However, not all children have easy access to books. How do we broach the subject of books and reading material with those readers who missed out on their childhood: exploited children
and those without even enough to eat?

I am a reading girl, you are a reading boy...

Do we still need children’s literature which takes into account the gender issue? How do we tackle questions relating to sexual orientation and the rights of sexual minorities within children’s books?

Globalizing diversity and tolerance through children’s books

The 21st century must ensure the survival of minorities on the road to a better future. Diversity and tolerance - which are vital for a fairer world - must respectively make inroads in relation to minority groups.