32nd International IBBY Congress - 32º Congreso Internacional de IBBY

The strenght of minorities - A forza das minorías - La fuerza de las minorías

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The seminar sessions will comprise papers submitted by participants selected by the Scientific Committee along the thematic topics listed in the Congress contents and below.

The duration of each seminar session will be 90 minutes. The authors of the selected papers will be allotted a ten-minute slot to make their presentations. Each seminar session will contain a maximum of six presentations. After the speakers' presentations, there will be time for questions from the audience.

A selection of technical equipment (beamer, overhead projector, notebook for powerpoint presentations) shall at the disposal of the speakers. The equipment has to be reserved in good time by the speakers.

The Scientific Committee will begin its evaluation of the proposals in January 2010. In April 2010, the speakers selected by the Scientific Committee will be contacted by the congress organizers. The deadline for the delivery of the definitive version of the papers will be June 30th, 2010.

The seminars will deal with the following topics:

Gender and Sexual Orientation Minorities
Linguistic and Cultural Minorities
Children’s and Young Adults’ Literature against Cultural Invisibility
The Media and Globalization
Other Minorities
Publishing for Minorities
Reading Promotion
Minority Literary Genres: Comics
Minority Literary Genres: Poetry
Oral Tradition: a Huge Minority
Cinema and Animation / Theatre