32nd International IBBY Congress - 32º Congreso Internacional de IBBY

The strenght of minorities - A forza das minorías - La fuerza de las minorías

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Round tables

The Round Tables were designed as spaces for encountering and exchange of ideas, reflections and proposals on several topics related to the main Congress theme: “The Strength of Minorities”. The planned topics for the Round Table discussions are the following:

1. Oral Tradition and Minorities without Written Literature 

Chair: Anne Pellowski (United States of America)

Participants: Carole Bloch (South Africa), Swati Raje (India), Antonio Rodríguez Almodóvar (Andalucía, Spain)

2. Illustration: a Medium for Representing Minorities

Chair: Carmen Diana Dearden (Venezuela)

Participants: Teresa Durán (Cataluña, Spain), Piet Grobler (South Africa / Great Britain), Miguelanxo Prado (Galicia, Spain)

3. Children’s and Young Adults’ Literature and Linguistic Minorities 

Chair: Elizabeth d’Angelo Serra (Brazil)

Participants: Fina Casalderrey (Galicia, Spain), Miriam G. Möllers (Germany), Jant van der Weg-Laverman (Netherlands)

4. The Girls: Minority or Majority? 

Chair: Julinda Abu-Nasr (Lebanon)

Participants: Victoria Fernández (Cataluña, Spain), Mariasun Landa (Basque Country, Spain), Devika Rangachari (India)

5. Reading and Readers with Special Needs

Chair: Philippe Claudet (France)

Participants: Heidi Cortner Boiesen (Norway), María Luz Esteban Saiz (CNSE Foundation, Spain), Gonzalo Moure (Asturias, Spain)

6. Panel: Research Centres of Reading Promotion

Chair: Pedro Cerrillo (Spain)

Participants: Carmen Barvo (Colombia), José António Gomes (Portugal), Gemma Lluch (Valencia, Spain), Michèle Petit (France), Blanca Roig (Galicia, Spain)

7. Editor’s Panel

Chair: Víctor Freixanes (Galicia, Spain)

Participants: Jacqueline Kergueno (France), Catherine Mitchell (Canada), Akoss Ofori (Ghana), Dolores Prades (Brazil)

There may be changes in the planned round tables in the course of the ongoing preparation of the Congress.