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Galician Capital

Galicia, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and so-called Finis Terrae (Land's End) by Romans, constitutes one of the 17 regions in Spain and has a historic nominal status. Galicia has a surface of 29,574 square kilometres and 2,767,524 inhabitants, resulting in a population density of 93.6 people per square kilometre.

The Galician landscape is full of endless green and blue hues. The latter colour corresponds to one of the main attractions of the country: its 1,500 km of coastline, which comprise more than 700 coves and beaches, most of them not far from Santiago. The Galician shores also feature rías, a kind of low fiords with impressive spaces rich in wildlife. The green shades of our landscape are provided by our forests, which make Galicia one of the greenest areas of Spain.

In Galicia, industry includes basically three main areas: energy (mostly hydro and wind power), the automotive industry and foodstuffs (particularly the canning industry). In this regard, we cannot forget the fact that Galicia is a major fishing power and that Galician people are between the most important fish-eaters around the world. With a fleet of more than 5,000 vessels, half of the catches arriving at Spain come from Galician ports, which take the fourth place regarding the fish landed in Europe.